The 10 Songs You Need To Hear!

Whilst making a new music CD, I thought I would share with you the top 10 songs you need to have a listen to right now!

Enjoy them whilst you at work, ploughing away through that essay, or revising!

Ed Sheeran- Drunk.

The next single from the uh-mazing album ‘+’ is another sure-fire hit. I caught him at Shakedown Festival this year, and is sure to continue his success in 2012. This song sums up everything in 3 minutes!

David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj- Turn Me On

Is there a song out there that doesn’t feature the brilliant Nicki Minaj? Again, she lends her voice to this club banger that will make you dance with as many vodkas in hand as possible! Be prepared for that Sunday hangover!

Jessie J- Domino

Sounding a little bit like Katy Perry and Last Friday Night, Jessie J goes down the route of a pop-tastic song with Domino. With her heading over to the states with her album, this is a safe hit that will get you jigging around the room!

Kelly Rowland- Lay it on Me

With the Rowland still deciding whether she is coming back for X Factor later this year, she still manages to strip down to a few fancy swimsuits and sing about how she wants a guy to lay it on her. Google Motivation too, which shows off her vocals.

JoJo- Disaster

Anyone remember JoJo? Back in 200andsomething she told us to leave and get out, it was too little too late, and now she is telling us it is a disaster. This girl has been through it a bit hasn’t she! A good little song to play along in the car.

Will Young- Come On

WIth his first single, Jealousy, being remixed and turning into a little bit of a shockingly good track from Mr Young, he returns with Come On. Again, the original is going to have the remix treatment, but that doesn’t mean the original isn’t brilliant!

Will.I.Am Ft. Jennifer Lopez and Mick Jagger- The Hardest Ever

Another Will.I.Am track, another club hit. He keeps churning out the songs, and whilst this one may take a couple of listens to like, it’s definately going to be around for 2012!

Emeli Sande- Daddy

2012 is going to be a HUGE year for this girl, with the critics going crazy in anticipation for her debut album. Daddy is the second single from this young lady, sit back and enjoy!

Rizzle Kicks- Mumma Do The Hump.


DJ EarWorm- United States of Pop 2012

If you haven’t heard these mash ups before, its the top 25 songs of the year mashed into one song. With the likes of Adele, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Britney, and many others, it just shows you can have all those good songs in 5 minutes!


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